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Why is it...

That writing about the negative seems so much easier than writing about the positive?

I went through my journal recently, and discovered a plethora of terribly sad entries. If a person were to read these private gems, they would have nothing to assume but that I was in a terrible relationship and that my life was a constant struggle.

The fact is, in between each of these entries, my life is going fantastically well, and I fail to write about my joy so much as my sorrow.

This is a sad thing and I think I'll end that pattern now.

Things are wonderful for me. Stressful, hectic and amazing. I am in school full time, and my first BIG paper is coming due in a few weeks. 12 pages, which I keep telling myself is only 6 pages since its double spaced. Hey, it makes it easier to handle if I delude myself. LOL

My man is wonderful, bright, nurturing, supportive, and feral. I adore him with all of my heart. My room mates are lovely, helpful and smart. Creative and fun to be around. My mom is much better now and her health is stabilized. My son is a peach. A wild crazy energetic bundle of peachy insanity.
My daughter....not so much. I hope she will pull out of her skyrocket to insanity, but i do fear for her. I have let it go. There is nothing more I can do to help her, and so my focus is on the rest of my family and myself. She knows where to come if she wants help.

It feels really great to have one true friend.
I would like to find one more.

Things are good. I have a car again, which makes life a bit easier, and its paid for in full. Its a little sketchy, needs some tlc, but it is fine for around town at least.

The barbershop is going well. 80% repeat business, 20% new clients. Growth is good.
I have some friends that I am missing...would love to see you again and give you a hug for all of my nonsense...

You know who you are. I hope you are well.



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